The Drucker-Ito School of Management focuses on instilling management skills that enable our graduates to have remarkable careers and make a difference in the world.

The school embraces Peter Drucker’s philosophy that the practice of management requires a holistic perspective, blending analytical skills with a firm grasp of the human dimension of business. Drucker students learn these skills in small classes taught by internationally-renowned professors who have extensive professional experience and award-winning academic credentials.

The Drucker School’s locations in Claremont and Los Angeles provide an ideal setting to learn about management in creative, cutting-edge organizations. Businesses and governments throughout the world are now searching for leaders who have the values and versatility needed to succeed in the new, hypercompetitive digital business environment. Whether a your path is in a traditional industry or a creative industry, your Drucker education will provide insights into successful management approaches for the 21st century.


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