At the Drucker School, our alumni network does more than help fund the school; they are a professional and personal community that will aid you in advancement throughout the course of your life.

The Drucker School alumni network is comprised of over 4,500 dynamic professionals located in over 20 countries. Many have gone on to have major responsibilities in organizations throughout the world. The community shares the Drucker ethos that effective business management is a critical means by which society excels. Drucker alum provide invaluable mentoring and networking opportunities for you, such as though our Drucker Board of Industry Advisors.

In addition, every year in November, the Drucker School brings together students, alumni, faculty, friends, and business professionals to celebrate Peter’s life and legacy and to reignite the passion for values-driven management around the world. Drucker Day is a full day event that brings back top alumni and business professionals from around the world, allowing you the opportunity to have intimate conversations and build lasting relationships with these leaders.

The Drucker Alumni Relations office works to provide rich opportunities for professional development from the time you step on campus until the day you retire. Professional development opportunities include access to alumni via intimate group discussions with entrepreneurs and business leaders, one-on-one counseling and mentoring, informational interviews, in-person and online training, and networking mixers, to name a few.