As champions of culture and creativity, many arts organizations operate on a not-for-profit basis. But the commercial or asset-driven arts industries – from theater, publishing, visual art, film, television, and music – have always been of equal or greater importance, both as leaders in their fields and as economic engines for their growth and development.

The MA in Arts Management has been designed with this duality in mind. Spanning the spectrum from the visual and performing arts to media and entertainment, and from the nonprofit organization to the commercial creative enterprise, the Arts Management program produces skilled administrators, executives, and entrepreneurs who understand what is needed to build and guide the next generation of creative industries.


Program Benefits

  • Faculty: drawn from the vibrant and diverse arts community in the L.A. arts community: More than 3,500 arts organizations and 150,000 working artists in the county, the largest concentration of arts activity in the United States

  • Learn from Experience: Arts Consulting Practicum: This capstone course enables you to gain experience as an arts consultant with highly regarded cultural institutions, such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles Stage Alliance and the Center for Cultural Innovation, to name only a few.