The Master of Arts in Politics, Economics and Business (MAPEB), a collaboration between the Peter F. Drucker School of Management and the  Department of Politics and Economics (DPE) at Claremont Graduate University, is an innovative and interdisciplinary program that integrates politics, policy, business and economics. You’ll learn how politics shapes business, how policy influences economics—and vice versa. You’ll also explore the implications of globalization on both international and domestic business.

You’ll gain analytical skills, practical experience and technical training that will give you a career advantage in nearly any professional setting. You’ll be highly prized—someone who knows the processes and impacts of decisions and the fundamentals of economics and management. You’ll be increasingly valuable in numerous positions in academic business, government and non-profit organizations.

Key Program Benefits

  • Opportunities for practical application through internships and research projects
  • Personalized learning environment with attentive faculty
  • A unique mix of analytics and application
  • Management skills for effective implementation