Leadership Arc

The Peter Drucker approach to leadership represents the highest level of excellence in management education and training

Drawing from the Executive MBA curriculum of the Drucker School of Management and taught by the school’s distinguished faculty, this unique 6-session program traces the principles of leadership through the arc of self-management to the organization’s role in society. Mixing the seminal works of the late Peter Drucker with state-of-the-art applications, this program leads executives and senior professionals through a series of interconnected readings, classroom discussions, and exercises that provide a solid foundation for leadership excellence. Conducted over two Saturdays and four weekday evenings, the program focuses on your personal and professional development, elevating your organization’s effectiveness using the Drucker approach.



FULL DAY 1: Mindfulness and Organizations
Profs. Bernie Jaworski (Co-Director), Katharina Pick (Co-Director), and Jeremy Hunter examine how to utilize Drucker’s self-management and current mindfulness strategies for personal, team, and organizational success.

EVENINGS 1 & 2: The Customer and Marketing Strategies
Profs. Jenny Darroch and Bernie Jaworski apply Drucker management principles to the practice and execution of customer and market-driven strategies.

EVENINGS 3 & 4: Career Growth and Networked Leadership
Profs. Vijay Sathe and Jean Lipman-Blumen examine leadership as a strategic practice, illuminating personal and organizational questions for growth, revitalization, adaptation, and connective leadership.

FULL DAY 2: Design, Innovation, and Social Responsibility
Profs. Hideki Yamawaki and Katharina Pick discuss Drucker’s principles of innovation and how to design organizations to enable innovation and creativity. Profs. Bernie Jaworski and Vijay Sathe take an in-depth look at the intersections of organizational purpose and social responsibility and close the program with action steps for applying the Drucker Leadership Arc for your personal and professional growth.


Program Information

The program launches on Saturday, May 20, 2017 and ends on Saturday, June 3, 2017. Classes are divided between our Downtown Los Angeles classrooms at The Reef and our campus in Claremont. The course is designed to have a blended format with in-person meetings and online/synchronous content—thereby facilitating student participation from across the region.

Date Time Location
Sat May 20 9:00am-5:00pm CGU DTLA Location (The Reef)
Tue May 23 7:00pm-9:00pm CGU DTLA Location (The Reef), Available online
Thu May 25 7:00pm-9:00pm CGU DTLA Location (The Reef), Available online
Tue May 30 7:00pm-9:00pm CGU Campus (Claremont), Available online
Thu June 1 7:00pm-9:00pm CGU Campus (Claremont), Available online
Sat June 3 9:00am-5:00pm CGU Campus (Claremont)

If you attend all sessions, you will receive a Drucker School of Management Certificate of Completion. You may also continue to pursue expertise in the Drucker approach to leadership through a variety of advanced certificate and graduate degree options, such as a Strategy Certificate or a Drucker Executive MBA.

Patrick Latimer



Discover Peter Drucker’s take on management with this MBA-focused curriculum from the Drucker School of Management.

The Drucker School Management Essentials program is an exciting new and innovative, non-degree program designed specifically for Salesforce Administrators (Admins). Salesforce and The Drucker School of Management collaborated on the program based on a shared commitment to creating successful customer-driven companies, and recognizing the critical role Admins play in ensuring this success.

The collaboration is a perfect match between a great customer-driven software enterprise and a management school based on the cornerstone idea that the purpose of an organization is to create and keep a customer. To learn more about our partnership and commitment to Administrator success, check out this short video.

The program content draws from the MBA course curriculum at the Drucker School of Management based on input received from Administrators through surveys and informal focus groups.

The Drucker School Management Essentials program is offered as a “trail” on the Salesforce.com Trailhead online learning platform. Participants can take the trail at no cost, and earn Salesforce Trailhead badges at no cost.

By completing the trail, participants will also have the option to receive a Drucker School Certificate of Completion for a modest user fee.

Executive Education

Transform Your Company’s Leadership

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, leaders need to be able to think on their feet, solve challenges that threaten their companies, and nurture talent—all at once.

Drucker Executive Education will develop such leaders. Built on the timeless principles of Peter Drucker, “the inventor of modern management,” this program provides high-level executive training that will transform your company’s leadership. Through a blend of classic and new learning approaches, it puts them through a mix that moves beyond the classroom into the real world.

Executive Education faculty will collaborate with your teams to customize the program to fit your specific training needs and company challenges. The training starts with dynamic classroom interaction led by thought leaders from executive education, consulting firms and industry experts. It moves into market-based immersion and team-oriented, project-based solutions that speak to your leadership and strategy. The result: executives with enhanced problem solving skills, ready to lead and execute enterprise-changing solutions to your most important strategic concerns.

Drucker Executive Education offers a high value solution to training and capability needs you won’t find with traditional off-the-shelf solutions or training. Drucker’s experienced team will help you unleash your primary competitive advantage—your people, products and culture.


Contact Us

Bernie Jaworski
Professor and Faculty Lead for
Corporate Executive Education
Office: 909-607-3647
Direct: 213-706-6012

Jenny Darroch
Professor of Marketing
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Executive Certificate Program

Become a more effective leader through the Executive Certificate Program

The Executive Certificate program is designed for working professionals with management responsibilities who want to become an effective leader and to provide valuable assets to their organization. The program groups two to four classes in key business areas. In them, you gain the tools and knowledge to build up your management skills and adapt to today’s changing workplace. You come away with a deeper understanding leadership, strategy and specific aspects of managing people and companies.

You can access current thinking in our expert competencies—Strategy and Leadership—or update critical management skills in the General Management Certificate.

Key Program Benefits

  • A great way to preview and build a foundation for the Executive MBA
  • A diverse student population adds varied perspectives to classes.
  • Certificate classes can apply to obtaining an Executive MBA
  • More than 90% of Certificate students enroll EMP degree programs
  • You can explore issues that you and your organization are facing.